The Day in Dieting 4/22/2012: You May As Well Call Me Bugs Bunny

My name is Bunny, Bugs Bunny!  I think most of what I ate today was veggies and fruits.  While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it was unexpected.  Got up past breakfast time again today (what are weekends for??).  We didn’t really feel like doing much because it was so cold out.  So we just went to a Pittsburgh staple, Eat n’ Park.  Normally this food is ok, nothing special mind you, but ok.  I ordered a Santa Fe Chicken Salad.  Well, they got the “salad” part right… but I’m not so sure about the “chicken” part.  It looks like and was a sea of iceberg lettuce.  Does anyone else see any chicken like substance?? I don’t think I’ll be ordering this again.


Late in the afternoon, I finished off the Margharita Pizza I got at Del’s yesterday.  See?? Proof positive I actually did eat only half.  Funny thing about the strategy of only eating half while I’m out, has anyone noticed that with the recession prices at restaurants have not really gone down but the portions have gotten smaller?? Well, I have.  Being that I’m averaging two meals a day on the weekend I don’t think eating lost of my meals is ridiculous.  I’m playing this thing by ear so we’ll just see how it goes.  (Ummm, play by ear and see how it goes??? Did I just complete criss-cross senses or what??)

I drove home from Pittsburgh and back to Cleveland this evening so I was driving for dinner time.  The onyl food on the turnpike is junk, so I opted to just wait until I got home.  I got home at close to 8:00 pm and really didn’t feel like cooking or anything so…. this plate of fruit made up my dinner.  Oh well.  I did however make it home to see Once Upon a Time.  (FABULOUS show!!!)

Well Iike I was saying yesterday…. No scale no weight.  I guess I get a bit OCD about weighing in everyday but I can see how different foods and times of the month can affect my weight in the way of water weight.  The large weight swings I’ve been having in one direction or the other are definitely water.  These daily weight are for monitoring purposes only.  My weight on Tuesday morning I’ll take as my true weekly weight to evaluate the effectiveness of my eating plan.

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The Day in Dieting 4/21/2012: Who the Hell Doesn’t Own a Scale?? That Would Be My BF

Well, here is were I tell you how my weekends differ from my weekdays. I’ve pretty much established that my food choices are pretty boring during the week. My weekends do involve a lot of eating out though. So you’ll see some variety on the weekends. My BF lives in Pittsburgh and I live in Cleveland so we don’t waste a lot of our limited together time cooking… a little but not a lot. The second thing (and this drives me crazy!!) is that the man does not own a scale!!!! Seriously, who doesn’t own a scale? I guess weight is not a priority. LOL. The bad thing is no weigh-ins when I am in Pittsburgh. Knowing of course I have not monitored my weight on the weekend, I am always afraid on Monday, mostly of water weight. A) Eating out means increased salt and B) I tend to stay away from carbs during the week and eat them on the weekend. I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow. All in all, while I choose to enjoy food on the weekend I try not to be outrageous about it.

This weekend, like many, we slept in so breakfast was a distant memory by the time we got up and got moving. I’d been craving Italian for days, so we went to a local restaurant we like, Del’s. This place has been around for 62 years and I found out that it had been on Restaurant Impossible recently. I liked it before but it was better this time around!! I started with a garden salad with blue cheese dressing. I always dip my salad in the dressing, never pour. I actually used about half of what you see here. My main course was a fresh Margharita Pizza, individual size of course. I only ate half of what you see here and I am sure you’ll see the other half soon. We usually eat our leftovers the very next day.

After eating our breakfast/lunch, we did some shopping in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. If you have never been here it is SO worth the trip! Every type of ethnic food you can imagine is sold here plus much, much more.

In preparation for a dinner at home for the evening we stopped at our favorite polish deli, S & D Polish Deli. The food here is to die for!

I also have to have, just have to have these little polish candies when I stop here.  I only allow myself one or two, these are an orange creme and a coconut creme candy.  If you’ve never had a candy made outside of the US you’d be surprised how much less sweet they are.  They are fantastic without the sugar-shock!!

All of this culminated with a wonderful dinner of Wedding Keilbasi and Pierogis!! Now usually pierogis are kind of like ravioli stuffed with potatoes and cheese. The pierogi dough is a but different but carbs all the same. In an effort to reduce this and yet still enjoy a pierogi dinner, I bought mushroom pierogis. Let me tell you, I am never ever going back to the carb bomb… These mushroom pierogis were awesome!!!

I am sure you have noticed my lack of “point counting” during the weekend. You’re not imaging it. I have to change my lifestyle to something I can live with long-term or it’ll never happen for me. I don’t care if I just lose a half a pound per week… as long as I can keep it off for good. Keep your fingers crossed for my weigh-in tomorrow!!

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The Dieting Day in Pictures 4/20/2012: The Sins of the Dieter

My weight came down again today. We are, however, heading into the weekend which for me means I really don’t eat at home much. I mostly eat out. My sins have however started today.


This has been a particilarly bad day for me but not in the way you might think.  The problem was I found myself to busy to actually think about eating.  I got up, and got busy right away.  Up to read a chapter in my Psych book, off to go exercise with a friend, home to finish a term paper, complete an exam, do two loads of laundry, and rush to get a soup in finally at about 1:00 pm.

Mind you, I go to Pittsburgh from Cleveland about every other weekend, and it was my weekend to go. Oh jeez, by this time I had not even packed yet…. Grrr. Lol!! So shower, pack, run to the car!! I am on a strict time table because my BF and I have tickets to a political function. Ok, leave at 2:45 and drive to Pittsburgh. Arrive at 5:30, head to venue and attend said function at 7:00. My sin???? I have not eaten since that soup up there that I had around 1:00!!! We finallt make it to eat about 9:00 pm.

We ate at the Union Grill and I ordered the grilled chicken ciabatta with a side of cole salw. Now I was tempted to get the fries due to my level of starvation and the temptation but went for the slaw. On a low carb diet this is not too much of a sin. The sandwich looks pretty bad but the worst part was the small slice of cheese and the bacon (also a-ok on low carb) on top. I had no oils or dressings added to the sandwich. I ate about 75% of it and 50% of the slaw. I pretty much think my calorie intake was too low today. So there is my sin… I didn’t eat enough.

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Getting the Hang of the Blog Thing

When I first started this the other night, I’ll be honest, I was up until about 2:30 in the morning trying to get it started.  I have never blogged before and I didn’t read the instructions on how to use this site.  (Typical me… ha ha.)

I am slowly learning about the elements of these blogs, using pictures, etc.  On my list of things to learn now?  Adding my favorite webpages.

The biggest thing I played with today was the look of my page.  I changed the theme a couple of times and can’t seem to settle on the best.  I like the layout I have now but the Header picture didn’t turn out the way I planned.  I am seeing some really great Headers out there… I must figure out how to get a more “professional” looking one.  Mine looks like an 8th grade graphic design project gone awry. :-/

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The Dieting Day in Pictures 4/19/2012: Hiding the picture taking

Well, I did much better today as far as the points went. I still have a point or two left which is good but I did stray from my low GL this evening.  Come on, who can say no to a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles? Not me, especially if I am craving chocolate.  I figure, all in all, I could have done worse.  So, I took the points and moved on.

So, I have to admit, I’ve been hiding my picture-taking. I mean how weird will people think I am taking pictures of all of my food?? LOL. I can only imagine what my BF will think this weekend as I whip out the Cannon Powershot to do this? I have a really great BF who most obviously is blind. He doesn’t think there is anything wrong with my weight at all, so anytime I make an effort to actually do something about it, he says I need a psychiatrist.  While on one hand this is better than being told how “fat” you are all the time (like my ex), it does not do much for the correct atmosphere to drop the pounds.  The man loves to feed me…. Jeez… but anyhow back to the pictures.

Well, I was right about yesterday’s phenomenal loss being water weight.  As you can see a lot of it found its way back today.  Still 2 days…. 1 pound? I’ll take it!!! 




Pretty soon you’ll get the idea that my meals are fairly static and boring.  I got into this habit when I went to work so early that I packed breakfast and lunch.  It had to be simple, portable, and fast.  They became my favorites… Another yogurt/cottage cheese morning.




I had a big salad for lunch, all the ingredients you’ll find listed in my WW food log picture.  If you can’t read my writing and are interested, let me know and I can clarify it. 🙂




One great thing about the season…. FRESH FRUIT!!






Now, I know this may look gross but really it’s just a hamburger without a bun.  I called it dinner tonight.




Oh, using regular ketchup is a huge low GL faux pas.  Tons of sugar!! I use reduced sugar with negligable carb content.


Three points left…. I’ll consider it penance for yesterday.






Today’s points.  “Talk” to you tomorrow!!


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The Dieting Day in Pictures 4/18/2012: I love the water weight loss, it feels like an accomplishment!

Well, I can say that the little problem I had with not using all of my points yesterday has now been over-compensated for!! I overdid a bit today but am posting it all anyhow.  In reality it was really not what I ate but the portions of what I ate.  I should have cut back a little.  I guess that’ll teach me to fill out my points log at the end of the day.  Duh.  Anyhow, here goes the day!  Oh yes, look for my product pics in today’s post.  I use different low carb/low GI foods to substitute for high carb items I used to eat.  The ones I use are pretty good.

The weigh in.  Pleasantly surprised, but when this happens I wait for the ball to drop, lol.  Down 2.8 pounds…. Can you say, water weight?? Ha ha ha ha:

Something different for breakfast today, I used a Zero GL sweetener with my cereal:

Lunch today, here I used a low carb wrap in place of bread:

 A little snack this afternoon….


Dinner today, and wouldn’t you know it…. another low GI product, I’m full of them today:

The final tally for the day….. Ouch… Over by 4 points:

 But, I did exercise……

And that was the day that was… Ha ha.  Well go again tomorrow!!



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The Dieting Day in Pictures 4/17/2012: I weigh WHAT???

I admit it…. I did not eat enough today.  This is a problem with me that I am trying to improve.  I have more pictures for today because I’ll be showing you not only the books I am basing my dietary changes on but my WW Points Plus Values as well.  Here are my pics for the day….

The dreaded weigh in:

Armed and ready with:

 My Daily Points Target:

My Weekly Points Allowance (remember, I’ll be saving this for the weekends…):

Breakfast 4/17/2012; one of my favorites – 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with yogurt:

Lunch, ok well, lunch and dinner; I could not finish it at lunch so finished the rest for dinner:

You know what?  Late in the evening I just felt like some cheese, this is Baby Swiss from an Amish area of Ohio:

And this was my final tally for the day… like I said, I just didn’t eat enough this day:

OH!!!!! I cannot forget that I actually did exercise today; 30 minutes on the elliptical….

(Uh… yeah, wish I looked like this chick!!)…. and then another 20 minutes on the treadmill with cool-down (the way this chick looks is problably more like it, ha ha):

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My Beginning Stats

Well, I really tried to upload my pictures from Day One, 4/17/2012, into my blog.  For some reason the “uploading” indicator just kept going and going and going, like the Energizer Bunny.  I am hoping this is some temporary problem with WordPress and that I will be able get them uploaded later.  What would “My Weight Loss Journey in Pictures” be without….. Well…. PICTURES?  Ha ha ha!!!  For now I’ll regale you with those all important stats.

I am 41 years old, 5’9″, and weigh (as of 4/17/2012) 211.4 pounds.  I’m really in a toss up over frame size.  I used two different sites, one that is based on wrist measurement and the other based on elbow breadth.  The one that uses the wrist places me in the small framed category and the other in the medium framed category.  I think I will go with the medium frame. This makes my BMI 31.2 —- or the dreaded OBESE. My current clothing size is 18/20.

Now while I may observe BMI loosely, let me say this.  I think BMI is the biggest crock any insurance company pencil pusher came up with.  Why?  How is it calculated?  Well, by height and weight only.  Hmmmm, I pretty much think they could have gotten that idea from looking at, oh… me height and weight?  The other major flaw of BMI is that it does not take lean body mass (LBM) into account.  Most athletic people with large amounts of muscle mass end up being erroneously labeled as overweight.  As far as I am concerned it is a travesty to label people in this way.

As far as my goal, I really am not 100% settled on that.  My “ideal body weight” (according to who exactly?… lol) is 129-169 pounds.  I’d like to get down to somewhere in the middle, like 155, but I’ll just see how it goes.  With challenges like hypothyroid and PCOS, by body could have something entirely different in mind for me.

For now, I’ll try to get some pictures up from yesterday, and I’ll be back later!!



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