My Beginning Stats

Well, I really tried to upload my pictures from Day One, 4/17/2012, into my blog.  For some reason the “uploading” indicator just kept going and going and going, like the Energizer Bunny.  I am hoping this is some temporary problem with WordPress and that I will be able get them uploaded later.  What would “My Weight Loss Journey in Pictures” be without….. Well…. PICTURES?  Ha ha ha!!!  For now I’ll regale you with those all important stats.

I am 41 years old, 5’9″, and weigh (as of 4/17/2012) 211.4 pounds.  I’m really in a toss up over frame size.  I used two different sites, one that is based on wrist measurement and the other based on elbow breadth.  The one that uses the wrist places me in the small framed category and the other in the medium framed category.  I think I will go with the medium frame. This makes my BMI 31.2 —- or the dreaded OBESE. My current clothing size is 18/20.

Now while I may observe BMI loosely, let me say this.  I think BMI is the biggest crock any insurance company pencil pusher came up with.  Why?  How is it calculated?  Well, by height and weight only.  Hmmmm, I pretty much think they could have gotten that idea from looking at, oh… me height and weight?  The other major flaw of BMI is that it does not take lean body mass (LBM) into account.  Most athletic people with large amounts of muscle mass end up being erroneously labeled as overweight.  As far as I am concerned it is a travesty to label people in this way.

As far as my goal, I really am not 100% settled on that.  My “ideal body weight” (according to who exactly?… lol) is 129-169 pounds.  I’d like to get down to somewhere in the middle, like 155, but I’ll just see how it goes.  With challenges like hypothyroid and PCOS, by body could have something entirely different in mind for me.

For now, I’ll try to get some pictures up from yesterday, and I’ll be back later!!



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