The Dieting Day in Pictures 4/17/2012: I weigh WHAT???

I admit it…. I did not eat enough today.  This is a problem with me that I am trying to improve.  I have more pictures for today because I’ll be showing you not only the books I am basing my dietary changes on but my WW Points Plus Values as well.  Here are my pics for the day….

The dreaded weigh in:

Armed and ready with:

 My Daily Points Target:

My Weekly Points Allowance (remember, I’ll be saving this for the weekends…):

Breakfast 4/17/2012; one of my favorites – 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with yogurt:

Lunch, ok well, lunch and dinner; I could not finish it at lunch so finished the rest for dinner:

You know what?  Late in the evening I just felt like some cheese, this is Baby Swiss from an Amish area of Ohio:

And this was my final tally for the day… like I said, I just didn’t eat enough this day:

OH!!!!! I cannot forget that I actually did exercise today; 30 minutes on the elliptical….

(Uh… yeah, wish I looked like this chick!!)…. and then another 20 minutes on the treadmill with cool-down (the way this chick looks is problably more like it, ha ha):

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