The Dieting Day in Pictures 4/19/2012: Hiding the picture taking

Well, I did much better today as far as the points went. I still have a point or two left which is good but I did stray from my low GL this evening.  Come on, who can say no to a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles? Not me, especially if I am craving chocolate.  I figure, all in all, I could have done worse.  So, I took the points and moved on.

So, I have to admit, I’ve been hiding my picture-taking. I mean how weird will people think I am taking pictures of all of my food?? LOL. I can only imagine what my BF will think this weekend as I whip out the Cannon Powershot to do this? I have a really great BF who most obviously is blind. He doesn’t think there is anything wrong with my weight at all, so anytime I make an effort to actually do something about it, he says I need a psychiatrist.  While on one hand this is better than being told how “fat” you are all the time (like my ex), it does not do much for the correct atmosphere to drop the pounds.  The man loves to feed me…. Jeez… but anyhow back to the pictures.

Well, I was right about yesterday’s phenomenal loss being water weight.  As you can see a lot of it found its way back today.  Still 2 days…. 1 pound? I’ll take it!!! 




Pretty soon you’ll get the idea that my meals are fairly static and boring.  I got into this habit when I went to work so early that I packed breakfast and lunch.  It had to be simple, portable, and fast.  They became my favorites… Another yogurt/cottage cheese morning.




I had a big salad for lunch, all the ingredients you’ll find listed in my WW food log picture.  If you can’t read my writing and are interested, let me know and I can clarify it. 🙂




One great thing about the season…. FRESH FRUIT!!






Now, I know this may look gross but really it’s just a hamburger without a bun.  I called it dinner tonight.




Oh, using regular ketchup is a huge low GL faux pas.  Tons of sugar!! I use reduced sugar with negligable carb content.


Three points left…. I’ll consider it penance for yesterday.






Today’s points.  “Talk” to you tomorrow!!


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2 Responses to The Dieting Day in Pictures 4/19/2012: Hiding the picture taking

  1. Nice!! Are you eating plain yogurt with cottage cheese?

    • Actually, I try to mix up my flavors a bit. My food tends to be boring during the week. :-/ This one is French Vanilla yogurt. I started eating this when I was doing Body for Life. It’s a great quick breakfast!!

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