The Dieting Day in Pictures 4/20/2012: The Sins of the Dieter

My weight came down again today. We are, however, heading into the weekend which for me means I really don’t eat at home much. I mostly eat out. My sins have however started today.


This has been a particilarly bad day for me but not in the way you might think.  The problem was I found myself to busy to actually think about eating.  I got up, and got busy right away.  Up to read a chapter in my Psych book, off to go exercise with a friend, home to finish a term paper, complete an exam, do two loads of laundry, and rush to get a soup in finally at about 1:00 pm.

Mind you, I go to Pittsburgh from Cleveland about every other weekend, and it was my weekend to go. Oh jeez, by this time I had not even packed yet…. Grrr. Lol!! So shower, pack, run to the car!! I am on a strict time table because my BF and I have tickets to a political function. Ok, leave at 2:45 and drive to Pittsburgh. Arrive at 5:30, head to venue and attend said function at 7:00. My sin???? I have not eaten since that soup up there that I had around 1:00!!! We finallt make it to eat about 9:00 pm.

We ate at the Union Grill and I ordered the grilled chicken ciabatta with a side of cole salw. Now I was tempted to get the fries due to my level of starvation and the temptation but went for the slaw. On a low carb diet this is not too much of a sin. The sandwich looks pretty bad but the worst part was the small slice of cheese and the bacon (also a-ok on low carb) on top. I had no oils or dressings added to the sandwich. I ate about 75% of it and 50% of the slaw. I pretty much think my calorie intake was too low today. So there is my sin… I didn’t eat enough.

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2 Responses to The Dieting Day in Pictures 4/20/2012: The Sins of the Dieter

  1. Yeah I have a problem with eating too little sometimes, makes me feel awful!

    • Lol…. I don’t feel awful, just guilty. Then I get mad. It’s like… Ok, I ate enough for a mouse to sustain life and yet my ass is the size of an elephant! What?? Ha ha ha ha. Life just isn’t fair sometimes!! 🙂

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