The Day in Dieting 4/21/2012: Who the Hell Doesn’t Own a Scale?? That Would Be My BF

Well, here is were I tell you how my weekends differ from my weekdays. I’ve pretty much established that my food choices are pretty boring during the week. My weekends do involve a lot of eating out though. So you’ll see some variety on the weekends. My BF lives in Pittsburgh and I live in Cleveland so we don’t waste a lot of our limited together time cooking… a little but not a lot. The second thing (and this drives me crazy!!) is that the man does not own a scale!!!! Seriously, who doesn’t own a scale? I guess weight is not a priority. LOL. The bad thing is no weigh-ins when I am in Pittsburgh. Knowing of course I have not monitored my weight on the weekend, I am always afraid on Monday, mostly of water weight. A) Eating out means increased salt and B) I tend to stay away from carbs during the week and eat them on the weekend. I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow. All in all, while I choose to enjoy food on the weekend I try not to be outrageous about it.

This weekend, like many, we slept in so breakfast was a distant memory by the time we got up and got moving. I’d been craving Italian for days, so we went to a local restaurant we like, Del’s. This place has been around for 62 years and I found out that it had been on Restaurant Impossible recently. I liked it before but it was better this time around!! I started with a garden salad with blue cheese dressing. I always dip my salad in the dressing, never pour. I actually used about half of what you see here. My main course was a fresh Margharita Pizza, individual size of course. I only ate half of what you see here and I am sure you’ll see the other half soon. We usually eat our leftovers the very next day.

After eating our breakfast/lunch, we did some shopping in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. If you have never been here it is SO worth the trip! Every type of ethnic food you can imagine is sold here plus much, much more.

In preparation for a dinner at home for the evening we stopped at our favorite polish deli, S & D Polish Deli. The food here is to die for!

I also have to have, just have to have these little polish candies when I stop here.  I only allow myself one or two, these are an orange creme and a coconut creme candy.  If you’ve never had a candy made outside of the US you’d be surprised how much less sweet they are.  They are fantastic without the sugar-shock!!

All of this culminated with a wonderful dinner of Wedding Keilbasi and Pierogis!! Now usually pierogis are kind of like ravioli stuffed with potatoes and cheese. The pierogi dough is a but different but carbs all the same. In an effort to reduce this and yet still enjoy a pierogi dinner, I bought mushroom pierogis. Let me tell you, I am never ever going back to the carb bomb… These mushroom pierogis were awesome!!!

I am sure you have noticed my lack of “point counting” during the weekend. You’re not imaging it. I have to change my lifestyle to something I can live with long-term or it’ll never happen for me. I don’t care if I just lose a half a pound per week… as long as I can keep it off for good. Keep your fingers crossed for my weigh-in tomorrow!!

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2 Responses to The Day in Dieting 4/21/2012: Who the Hell Doesn’t Own a Scale?? That Would Be My BF

  1. It’s all about balance! I haven’t had perogies in ever though, I’m Polish and can only eat my mother’s! But I’ve been abstaining because those things are crazy addictive.

  2. The mushroom ones have become my absolute favorite!!! I actually only ate them from some churches local to me in Cleveland. I’m pretty picky about them. The pasta cant be too thin, or too fat, or too tough…. LOL…. Like I said, picky. 🙂 I bought these one time with some trepidation but fell in love with them. I’ll take a pic of the package next time. I could eat a million of them but stopped at 3.

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