The Day in Dieting 4/22/2012: You May As Well Call Me Bugs Bunny

My name is Bunny, Bugs Bunny!  I think most of what I ate today was veggies and fruits.  While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it was unexpected.  Got up past breakfast time again today (what are weekends for??).  We didn’t really feel like doing much because it was so cold out.  So we just went to a Pittsburgh staple, Eat n’ Park.  Normally this food is ok, nothing special mind you, but ok.  I ordered a Santa Fe Chicken Salad.  Well, they got the “salad” part right… but I’m not so sure about the “chicken” part.  It looks like and was a sea of iceberg lettuce.  Does anyone else see any chicken like substance?? I don’t think I’ll be ordering this again.


Late in the afternoon, I finished off the Margharita Pizza I got at Del’s yesterday.  See?? Proof positive I actually did eat only half.  Funny thing about the strategy of only eating half while I’m out, has anyone noticed that with the recession prices at restaurants have not really gone down but the portions have gotten smaller?? Well, I have.  Being that I’m averaging two meals a day on the weekend I don’t think eating lost of my meals is ridiculous.  I’m playing this thing by ear so we’ll just see how it goes.  (Ummm, play by ear and see how it goes??? Did I just complete criss-cross senses or what??)

I drove home from Pittsburgh and back to Cleveland this evening so I was driving for dinner time.  The onyl food on the turnpike is junk, so I opted to just wait until I got home.  I got home at close to 8:00 pm and really didn’t feel like cooking or anything so…. this plate of fruit made up my dinner.  Oh well.  I did however make it home to see Once Upon a Time.  (FABULOUS show!!!)

Well Iike I was saying yesterday…. No scale no weight.  I guess I get a bit OCD about weighing in everyday but I can see how different foods and times of the month can affect my weight in the way of water weight.  The large weight swings I’ve been having in one direction or the other are definitely water.  These daily weight are for monitoring purposes only.  My weight on Tuesday morning I’ll take as my true weekly weight to evaluate the effectiveness of my eating plan.

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