About Me

Hi, I’m Robin, also to be known here as justafluffygirl.  The reasons I find myself here are numerous and lengthy.  I have had a weight problem since I had my son 21 years ago.  A weight problem… Not an eating problem.  It seemed no matter what I ate or how much I exercised, I not only remained fluffy but continued to become fluffier like some overstuffed Build-A-Bear.  It is still happening despite a doctor finally figuring it out and attempting to treat me… but more on that later.  I am sick and tired of being the girl who is always “dieting”—eating less than the skinny girls—exercising more than the skinny girls—and having the sexy physique of the Michelin Man.  I’m about to embark on a journey I can live with… A journey in pictures…. My weight loss journey in pictures.  Commentary provided by the musings of a loser, of weight that is!

Diets I have tried – results:

Low calorie -1,200 calories—are you kidding me??  No one could stay on this thing!

Low fat – Low-fat means high carb… you know where that got me. :-/

Adkins – modest losses, losing one week only to gain the next.

South Beach – See Adkins… lol.

Physician’s Weight Loss – Was promised a 35 pound loss, stayed on program, lost 9.  Their answer to my poor result—- Are you sure you’re not cheating??

Weight Watchers – Lost 13 pounds in 6 months… yeah, I know.  Their answer to my poor result—A) Eat more, B) Eat less, C) Eat your activity points, D) Don’t eat you activity points—Basically, they didn’t know what to tell me.

HCG – Was told I would lose about 40 pounds, I lost 18—– and gained back 50.

The Divorce Diet – This is the only diet that ever worked for me.  I wish I could tell you I recommend it but mostly this involved being completely stressed out and eating basically nothing.  I went from 180 down to 126, which happened to be way too skinny for my 5’9” medium framed body.  At a family reunion someone pulled my sister aside and asked if “I was sick and telling anyone.”  Not good.


What was REALLY wrong??

To make a long story short, after telling doctors for TWO decades that I was having problems with weight that were not caused by my lifestyle habits… someone finally listened.  Someone finally stopped telling me I was cheating on my diet (you have NO idea how much I heard this one!!) and not exercise enough.  (I thought an hour to an hour and a half M-F was plenty, thank you.)


After someone took the time to listen, I now know I have not only PCOS but Hypothyroid as well.  To anyone who knows about these problems…. This is like the double whammy.  That was 7 months ago.  After being started on 1,000 mg of Metformin and 90 mg of Armour Thyroid… I find myself 18 pounds heavier than when I started.


I was told I could eat no carbs.  Do you know what that means?  I can basically eat meat and green veggies.  Carbs are in everything.  I still have tried to keep the carb intake under control.  I started out at 1,600 calories per day.  I was told to go lower.  I dropped it to 1,400 per day.  I continued to gain.  I was told to eat even less—-1,200 calories per day.  Seriously????


Now really, this sounds simple to someone who has never had to do this for very long.  1,200 calories a day is like being on the starvation diet.  Now, add to that cutting out carbs and the way I have been told to eat is just NOT realistic… possible… or sustainable.  Maybe if I was losing 1-2 pounds a week, the reward would justify the suffering, but I struggle to lose a couple of ounces a week.  I sometimes lose a pound a week…. But gain two the next.  I am at my wits end.


So What Am I Going to Do??

Knowing I cannot maintain 1,200 of low carb hell for the rest of my life, I had to make decisions about what exactly I could live with.  The list that follows is what I have chosen to live with.  Whatever loss I can and hope to sustain will just have to be it, I’m tired of wasting my time and energy to get no result.  From now on I change my habits and hope some weight loss comes with the territory.  This has to fit with my lifestyle.


Lifestyle factors:

Very busy during the week, I am go-go-go.  I do not have time to cook gourmet meals.  Sometimes I don’t even have time to eat three meals a day

I travel out of town every other weekend.  This means a lot of eating out and let’s be honest I’d rather eat out than cook all weekend anyhow.


What I Am Prepared to Do:

I WILL count Weight Watchers points, Monday-Friday.  I’ve done this before and it’s the only food logging I actually stuck with 80% of the time.  (On the weekend, I am not counting points.  I’m just not.  I figure have my daily points plus all my “extra” points plus all my activity points.  After years of dieting, I know myself and can recite the caloric value of just about anything that goes in my mouth by heart.  Just sayin’.)

I WILL follow the more sensible Glycemic Index/Glycemic Load approach, and keep any carbs I eat in the low GL range.  (I find simply low carb diets non-sustainable.)

I WILL eat only HALF of the meals I order out on the weekends, boxing up the other half for eating at another meal.

I WILL exercise at least one hour, Monday through Friday.

I WILL be active on weekends by doing things such as walking, biking, hiking, etc.

So…. Where Do the Pictures Come In???? I always thought… “Gee I should just take pictures of everything I eat because this food logging business is tedious and I’m sick of it.  If I had pictures, I could just basically see what I eat.”  So…..

I WILL take pictures of my entire effort to lost weight by lifestyle modification.  Pictures of the scale, pictures of every bit of food I put in my mouth, pictures of my points log, and pictures that represent the physical exercise I complete.  I will have a pictorial log to refer to later and if I end up having anyone actually read this blog, maybe I can get some feedback from you.


2 Responses to About Me

  1. lynned83 says:

    Hi Robin!
    First of all, thanks for following me. It’s always great to find people who are in the same boat as you…..they just understand better 😉
    I also wanted to say “cudos” on the picture thing….it takes a big pair of stones to put pics of yourself on the net for all to see! 🙂
    Best of luck hun…..I’ll keep following your journey!

    • Hi Lynne,
      Thanks for the comment! Yes I like to see what other people are doing to combat this problem. I listen to them more than I listen to the “experts” who keep telling us it’s just a matter of simple math, eat fewer calories than you expend. If it were as simple as that, we’d all be thin. So hopefully some things I post will be helpful to you! I’m sure I’ll find tips and inspiration on yours!
      Looking forward to your posts!!

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